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Buy test of predisposition to celiac disease

Purchase online the Celiac Disease genetic test and we will ship the collection kit directly to your home.

You will receive a kit including cheek swabs and sample instructions, so you can proceed to the collection of the saliva sample in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Once the sample collected, send it back to the laboratory accompanied by the prescription.

Confidential, reliable and safe method!

Buy paternity test

Now you can purchase online an informative paternity test and receive it comfortably at home.

We will send you a kit with simple instructions and all necessary material.

Reliability. Quality. Confidentiality.

Specialized sites, belonging to Vivolabs group: Aula Genyca (specialized training) and NUTRI (Clinical Nutrigenetics)



Rare diseases: wide and centralized offer of genetic analyses

Cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics: from karyotype to CGH-array

Pathogen agents: detection and quantification of microorganisms

Celiac disease: genetic study from saliva

Non-invasive prenatal study: NIDA

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Nutrigenetic (NOA) and cardiometabolic risk (RCM): genetic studies for a healthy life

Hereditary cancer: analysing genetic risk in relatives

Cardiovascular risk: preventing diseases thanks to genetic data

Pharmacogenetics and its application, to apply more effective treatments

PREVENT profile: includes osteoporosis, Alzheimer and cardiovascular risk



Paternity test: with legal validity or without legal validity (only informative)

Genetic profile for adopted children or high risk professionals

Forensic genetics from minimal or ancient biological samples


Genetic counseling for patients and relatives

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