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Celiac disease.

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_Torunda_GENYCA_webCeliac disease is a systemic autoimmune disorder present in patients with genetic predisposition. This predisposition is analyzed from a saliva sample (oral mucosa cells) and the result of study is available within 10 days.

GENYCA always performs a full HLA-DQ typing in order to identify all haplotypes present in the patient: those most strongly associated with this disease (DQ2, “half DQ2” and DQ8), and those whose associations are not yet known, but that within a few years will be recognized causes of CD.

GENYCA is a member of the Spanish Society Of Celiac Disease Studies (SEEC) and actively participates in scientific conferences they organized, providing scientific communications.


GENYCA collaborates with celiac associations, periodically organizing scientific talks and activities.


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