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Genetic Counseling.

The genetic counselor plays a key role in clinical genetics, by providing support to the patients and their families. During the consultation, he directly informs about the causes of the genetic disease, the inheritance pattern, the probability of recurrence, also dealing with the multiple psychological and social issues that may arise.

Genetic counseling explains, among other:

  • Risk of abnormalities and further testing options. Asesoramiento genetico
  • Family history of a genetic disease
  • Exposure to teratogen agents
  • Consanguinity
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Repeated abortions or Infertility
  • Genetic diseases already diagnosed
  • Risk of late onset disorders, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases or neurological diseases

GENYCA offers the possibility to contact directly our genetic counselor, who is an international reference in genetic counseling.

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