VivoLabs’s promotions on preventive genetic tests – special offers for Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 Genyca would like to offer a special promotion with the aim to improve women’s health!

Almost 300 million women over the age of 20, worldwide are affected by obesity and osteoporosis affects an estimated 200 million women over the age of 60. Genetic tests can help you prevent or delay these conditions.

Genyca would like to offer you new promotional prices across a range of tests specifically targeted at genetic diseases that may occur in women.

Studies of genes associated with diseases such as osteoporosis, obesity (nutrigenetics), Alzheimer and breast and ovarian cancer can help to prevent to onset or delay symptoms of these conditions.

All these tests are performed from a saliva sample, which is painless, non-invasive and comfortable for the patient and results are valid for life!

Do you want to know more about these tests? Contact to receive our promotional prices (valid until March 31st).

Thank you very much for your interest!

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