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DNA Day 2015.


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BASIS OF THE CONTEST On the occasion of the DNA Day celebrated worldwide on April 25, the “DNA in your life” contest is being proposed, with the following objectives: 1. Discover the constant presence of DNA around us 2.- Increase the presence of DNA in social networks (Twitter and Facebook). As a tribute to the DNA Day, two simultaneous competitions, one on Twiter and another on Facebook, are proposed. Each contest will have a winner and a prize. CONTEST ON TWITTER. Contestants must upload photos somehow related to DNA (with its structure, function, variants, biological significance, …) to their Twitter profile, always putting the hashtag #DiaDelADN and #ConcursoGenycaADN. The winner of the contest will be the picture marked more times as “favorite”. Conditions: The contestant must be a follower of GENYCA on Twitter. CONTEST ON FACEBOOK. The contestant must attend the event “Concurso “EL ADN EN TU VIDA”_Día del ADN 2015” and post pictures related to DNA (with their structure, function, variants, biological significance, …). The winner of the contest will be the photograph that gets more “likes”. The contestant must be a follower of GENYCA on Facebook and indicate that likes GENYCA’s page.

DATES: Pictures can be uploaded from April 1st to April 24th, at 23:59 pm. The winner will be announced on April 25th on Twitter and GENYCA’s Facebook page.

PRIZES: The winners will obtain a personalized digital DNA portrait, what means, an image of their individual genetic profile: the most unique artwork. With this DNA portrait they can customize any object, capturing the DNA image on a canvas, mug, t-shirt, bag, etc. A unique idea to decorate the living room or to offer as a gift!

Cuadros de ADN en GENYCA

How to obtain the personalized DNA portrait? The process is very simple: GENYCA will send a DNA sample collection kit to the winner’s address, the winner will take a saliva sample and will send it to GENYCA’s laboratory (by regular mail or courier). Within a month time, since sample arrive to the laboratory, the winner will receive the digital image of his DNA portrait in his mailbox.

If you are not one of the lucky winners, but you wish to make a DNA portrait, please contact us at

GENYCA is an ISO quality certified laboratory specializing in molecular genetics and performs more than 600 genetic tests.

RESPONSIBILITY The participant must own the copyright/intellectual rights to the published image. The image should not contain anything that would give a legal reason to forbid its free dissemination. GENYCA is not responsible for any possible violations of publicity rights/copyright of the photographs published in the competition. GENYCA is entitled to use the participant images, in order to promote this contest and subsequent calls, and make a summary thereof GENYCA web, social networks and the web of AEGH. ACCEPTANCE: The participation in the competition implies acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in these rules and expressed submission of interpretative decisions of these rules and conditions by GENYCA.

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